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My name is Liz Cooper. I'm a blogger, the mom of 2 usually wonderful boys (10 and 7 years old) and a fan of I'm a fan because finding a sitter used to be a huge pain, but Sittercity made it MUCH more convenient.

If you're looking for a sitter too, you can get started by doing a free search of babysitters in your area:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Find Babysitters and Nannies” tab
  3. Type in your zip code.

A bunch of babysitter search results will show up. I recommend that you go to the upper right corner and sort by “Stars (rating)” so that you can easily view all of the babysitters in your area that have been rated highly by other users. This can give some peace of mind, especially with all of the scary stories going around about online job boards, etc. At least on you can see what other sitter-seekers have said about a babysitter – both good and bad. The babysitters have the opportunity to offer a reply when a bad review is posted, and sometimes those replies can tell you a lot! In general, if searching in a relatively urban / suburban, there are usually several sitters listed with multiple 5-star reviews. Some sitters also have a yellow banner going across their pictures that indicates that they have a background check. If you end up hiring a sitter from, please make sure to post a review. This is one of the features that makes the site so useful!

You can look at the sitter’s profiles, but the trick is that you can only see their contact information if you sign up for a Membership. Once you find a babysitter or sitters that you are interested in contacting, you can click on the green “get started” button. There are several pricing options to choose from. The longer the subscription, the lower the per-month cost. Overall, it is pretty simple and painless.

Looking for a Sitter? Try Now!

Here’s an email that Mary A. of Dallas, TX sent over to me. I wanted to share it with you guys:

My husband and I just moved from another state, and without knowing many people I was worried about finding a good sitter for our seven year old daughter. Having relied on family and friends where we used to live, I was hesitant to look online for a babysitter.

I liked how SitterCity let me search for sitters with background checks and reviews, though. It gave me a little more peace of mind to see multiple glowing reviews plus a clean background check. I finally took the plunge and signed up and I couldn’t be happier!

We have found two sitters that are absolutely amazing and my daughter loves them. Of course, even with good reviews and a background check we still checked references, etc before actually leaving our daughter with them, but overall the process was pretty simple. I was so worried that since we were new to the area, we would never find anyone reliable and trustworthy. I guess everything is going online nowadays, though. I would definitely recommend Sittercity to others.

- Mary

Here’s a quick video tutorial that shows how the site works:

Get started looking for the perfect sitter now! Just click the banner below.

Looking for a Sitter? Try Now!